Yoga for Beginners

$ 89.00

Cultivate Greater Strength, Flexibility, and Peace of Mind

Yoga is a great tonic for inner and outer rejuvenation.  Just a little goes a long way towards enhancing strength, flexibility, and peace of mind.  Join Certified Yoga Instructor, Sujata Ringawa, in learning this step-by-step process.  While learning basic yoga physical postures and breathing exercises, you also come into greater alignment with your own natural goodness and wisdom.  Please bring your own yoga mat and a firm pillow or blanket for seated postures.

Please note that this class will only have 7 classes instead of 8.  Price has been changed to $89.00

Instructor—Sujata Ringawa
Certified Yoga Instructor

Gus Canty Community Center
790 Main Street
7 weeks
5/2/19, Thursday
11:15 am-12:30 pm

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