Tapping into Health, Wealth and Happiness

$ 99.00

Do you feel stuck in any part of your life; suffering from lack of energy, time, and money?  This technique achieves some of the same results at yoga (relaxation, clarity, peace of mind) with less time and effort and will allow you to reclaim your self-confidence and move forward in your life with passion, joy, and abundance.  Use simple mind/body techniques to discover limiting beliefs and reprogram your brain so you are no longer limited.  The main technique we will be using is tapping or EFT.  If you want to know more about this technique go to:  thetappingsolution.com.  Gunjan's mission is to help people become more conscious of their true wisdom and inner beauty so that they can enjoy life.

Instructor - Gunjan Laborde
Certified Tapping into Wealth Coach and long-time yoga teacher

At Gus Canty Community Center
790 Main Street
7 weeks
5/2/19, Thursday
12:30-1:30 pm


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